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Schedule Private Coaching


The club is excited to be able to facilitate private coaching sessions between our players and our Professional Coaching Staff!

Please note:
- Bookings are made directly with the Coach
- Private Sessions will have a max of 2 players/session
- Please click only once on the available session time when booking
- Both you and the coach will receive confirmation emails of the appt.
- You may choose an individual session or book several sessions (Called a PACK)
- If you choose a  PACK of sessions, please select that # of sessions after making sure the coach has that availability.
- If there is no available time showing on a certain day, the coach may already be booked or is unavailable.
- You should contact the coach directly if there are any special needs or requests
- All locations, pricing and details of the session will be determined by the individual coach
You should book your private session now, there is very limited availability for these coaches!