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Competitive Program - Northern AZ teams

Training Sessions:

Competitive teams can expect 3 to 4 weekly activities under the leadership and supervision of our highly experienced, professional coaching staff, many who have played professionally themselves.  These activities are designed to significantly advance each player’s individual skills as well as to teach responsibility, discipline and teamwork.  The program also aims to educate and develop the players in the Brazilian style of soccer and to encourage a true passion for the game.
Check back frequently for updated information.
This competitive youth soccer program is well located to serve families all around the Prescott Valley.

What to expect:

  • Training under highly skilled and experienced Professional Coaching Staff
  • Practices  3 nights/week, alongside other Brazas teams at one of our local practice field locations.
  • Practicing together promotes club unity and also allows for regular competitive scrimmaging between our teams, which is encouraged and has the effect of accelerating player development
  • 2 outdoor practices and 1 indoor Futsal practice each week when Futsal facility available, if not, a Functional skills clinic or another outdoor practice will be substituted
  • Practice sessions run approximately 1 hr 30 minutes each.  A lot is covered in this time!
  • Coaches and the training emphasize # of touches a player gets on the ball, accurate passing and overall teamwork.  It is not uncommon for coaches to occasionally move players between teams in practice or to invite players up in tournaments to allow for even more player exposure to accelerate development
  • Specific groups/individual training by sectors, roles and responsibilities in the game (i.e. goalkeepers, the defensive zone, the midfield zone and the offensive zone)
  • Speed/agility/core training under the guidance of a Physical Training Coach
  • Weekly Functional Clinics being offered as well as individual Advanced Training Sessions with individual coaching staff
  • Additional Futsal Training Sessions once week when facilities available
  • Beach/Sand Soccer Programs (usually summer)
  • Registration in AYSA Premier, State and Port of Subs Leagues to  maximize individual playing time we will also arrange Futsal games events and scrimmages.
  • Minimum of 2 tournaments planned per season (teams will determine, not uncommon to be more).
  • An International Program that can give our players international exposure and experience.  International trips that have been planned have included trips to events and tournaments in Brazil, Spain and Mexico.

Note: The program items listed above are based on what the club did during the 2017/2018 season and what is currently planned for the 2018/2019 season.  As with any quality program, the offerings are constantly being reviewed and adjusted to maximize the benefit to our players and their development.  We reserve the right to make necessary changes to the schedule, training and other areas of the program.  In this way we are able to provide you with the best soccer program out there.