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May, 2020

Safety is our Number One Priority - Instructions!

Brazas F.C.

Safety OUR Number One Priority

All Participants Safety First 

At Brazas F.C.
our number one priority is the safety, health, and well-being of our community and soccer families.
We are all on this together! We understand and respect our responsibilities and the roles we all play as Club Directors, Coaches, Parents,  Players, and Administrators.

Based on the recommendations made by the State Government and the ASA - Arizona Soccer Association in collaborations with its members Soccer Clubs.
Starting Saturday, May 16th, all members of the AZSA should follow these guidelines for a safe and progressive return to activities, to be implemented in phases.

Returning to Soccer Activities Guidelines

Phase 1

  • Individual Training non - contact activities
  • No more than 30 participants per field including Coaches, Players, Parents and Others
  • We will have a coordinator per session to assist with procedures the proper protocol
  • To increase spaces and facilitate social distancing, we ask for the parents to drop the players off or wait in the car
  • Coaches will start and finish practices on time, and will allow time in between Practice sessions for players to leave before the start of the next practice session
  • The players should stay in their cars till Coaches and or field coordinators ask them to come to the fields to start the practice session

Practice Activities Player per Ball

  • Technical Skills Development
    • Footwork and Moves
    • Juggling
    • Different types of Passing - Air and Ground
    • Ball Control - Receiving - Air and Ground *
  • Fitness with the Ball
  • Circuit Training and or Stations

 * Use of the feet only, cannot throw or use hands to pass and receive

Other Important Considerations

  • We must maintain the social distance at all time, and non-contact between all Involved. Including but not limited to Coach to Player, Coach to Coach or Player to Player. It is a zero-tolerance policy
  • Parents need to make sure to check beforehand if players have any fever or symptoms before sending Players to practice
  • Players can wear a mask but not during actual the activity
  • Player and Coaches should use hand sanitizer, before, during, and after practices

Coaches Additional Guidelines  

  • Coaches can wear a mask if they prefer
  • Use a limited amount of equipment and make sure to clean and disinfect equipment before and after each session
  • Players are not allowed to share water bottles
  • Coaches should use hand sanitizer, before, during, and after practice
  • Players are not allowed to share equipment including vests and soccer balls
  • Coaches should ask players to bring their own ball
  • If you know of any illness among the players, coaches, and families, let the Club know immediately